Sunday, 11 March 2012


During my research into movement photography i used a lot of images of dancers, from these images i got some very nice shapes, quite elegant forms. So here i have done a little research into elegant things, elegant movement, photos, shapes, forms, objects and colour.

Elegant is one of many things, the colours are strong like red or neutral like black and white, the forms and shapes are very curvaceous, fluid and flowing like the wedding dresses and dancers in the images above.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

sketch work continued

After doing more research into the forms and shapes i discovered through the movement photography and repetition, i decided to do some more sketchwork which used both the elegant movement forms and the repetition. 

Working from the initial images which i gathered i was able to obtain some really nice forms, like above, and then by using those forms i have tried to develop some chair designs.

The chairs above uses the elegant shapes found in my research of movement photography, the one to the right also has a little repetition in it as the base is a very similar form to the actual seat. The chair below uses repetition quite alot as the seat is repeated through the design forming the base of the chair.

The chairs above also use repetition, the design on the left repeats the same flowing shape creating a base and chair to sit on. the one to the right is much different, as it repeats the form many times creating the seating area. The images that follow are developments of that idea.

the design above would be made from a very nice and elegant wood or metal, i think these materials will show off its elegance of alot better than most.

This design above is a developemt of previous designs ideas, ive added a few more elgant curves to it and taken out all the added parts, this design is alot more minimalistic but effective.

This design is simply using elegant curves from my research material.

Here i have started to look into the form of the legs of chairs, heres a few sketches