Sunday, 19 February 2012


Here im going to look into repetition, images from nature, exsisting chairs, general life. hopefully after researching into these i will be able to add my flowing sketches to the repetitive style and come out with a good design for my chair, along with a very effective material which will finish off the chair by adding abit of class to it, possible metal,carbon fibre.

The idea of repetition came to mind after looking at the original images of sports movement photography where i got some very nice images, i noticed how the images had a kind of repetition in them. i would like to combine the repetition idea with the flowing curves i got from my movement photography. 

Form Exploration

The image above is a mood board of of chairs which follow similar curves/forms as what i have discovered in my research.

After finding out about exsisting chairs which follow simalar forms and patterns as i sketched out earlier, i decided to look into repetative things, above i looked at chairs which have a flowing repitition style, if i could combine the ideas of repitition and flowing curves i feel i could come out with a very good outcome.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Here i have gone into some sketchwork working from the images of posture and the exsisting chair.

With the images above i was just exploring different kinds of curviture of the chair.

With these images i have prited off a few of the images with i have come accross in my research and sketched over them to show what kind of shapes and forms i had discovered. 

With these images of sketch work i was working from the images which i had found during my research, by simply sketching the human form quickly the sketch all the nice curves over the top. Alot of these nice curves/forms which i am discovering could contribute to a very nice chair design. 

Human movement/Movement photography

Whilst researching into the human posture and gathering images i noticed that there are some very nice shapes and forms being created by the human body and different postures. After discovering this i decided to look into the study of human movement, i was looking into the forms and shapes which were created whilst peforming a certain activity, as simple as sitting, walking, running to more complex shapes which are created during dance, gymnastics and martial arts. 

During this research i realised by looking into movement photography i would find some very nice shapes and forms of the human body. My girlfriend, Natalie D Jones being an amazing photographer, she had some very nice images of dancers which she allowed me to use in my research to obtain some effective shapes of the human body from which i can work from and hopefully get some effective forms/shapes which i can apply to my chair design

After looking at movement photography there was some nice images coming out of it, so decided to look into it in more detail, here i have looked at other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, motorcross, skating and wind surfing.

Here are a few more images of some nice movement photography which i took of my friend rock climbing then simply photoshoped the images over the top of each other to give the inpression he is moving.



After looking into how people sit on a chair and finding out there are many which this is done, i discovered that each way effects the posture of the user differently and more times often than not it effects the posture in a negative way and can cause the user problems in the future. Here i have researched into the human posture and how people are effecting their posture by how they are taking a seat.

Take a seat

During this part of my research, i gathered images and took photos of how people sit in a chair. People have many different ways of sitting in a chair whether it be the traditional way, sloaching, leaning forwards, sideways, and even backwards.


After looking at some exsisting product briefly, i decided to look a certain chair in detail, this is the common utillity chair.

I took many images of this chair from many angles.

From these images i sketched to fully understand the chair.

Then i sketched it out again and added the dimensions so i knew what sort of size chair i would be designing myself. This also gave me the simple anthropermetrics needed to know how high, wide, etc the chair needs to be.


I am being asked to design a utility chair that is suitable for a variety of environments, including: domestic, office, bar, restaurant etc. The chair needs to retail at a price between £60- £180 per unit, so realistic and accurate considerations into materials, manufacture and construction need to be investigated. This chair also needs to portray some kind of emotion.

Here i have simply looked briefly at existing products on the market, these are very simple but effective designs for a utility chair. They work very well as a utility chair even with the simplicity of the materials and form of the product.