Sunday, 5 February 2012

Human movement/Movement photography

Whilst researching into the human posture and gathering images i noticed that there are some very nice shapes and forms being created by the human body and different postures. After discovering this i decided to look into the study of human movement, i was looking into the forms and shapes which were created whilst peforming a certain activity, as simple as sitting, walking, running to more complex shapes which are created during dance, gymnastics and martial arts. 

During this research i realised by looking into movement photography i would find some very nice shapes and forms of the human body. My girlfriend, Natalie D Jones being an amazing photographer, she had some very nice images of dancers which she allowed me to use in my research to obtain some effective shapes of the human body from which i can work from and hopefully get some effective forms/shapes which i can apply to my chair design

After looking at movement photography there was some nice images coming out of it, so decided to look into it in more detail, here i have looked at other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, motorcross, skating and wind surfing.

Here are a few more images of some nice movement photography which i took of my friend rock climbing then simply photoshoped the images over the top of each other to give the inpression he is moving.


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