Thursday, 19 April 2012


Along with my chair being elegant and based around movement, im going to add a calm emotion to it, mainly by using calming materials, natural materials do this very well. here are a few images which i associate with calm.

Here are a few materials which are natural and add to the calming feeling that the user will recieve from the chair when sitting on it. The grain in the wood is quite elegant too as it has very nice formation of curves within the wood.

The main body could also be made from perspex, by having it in solid white it would add the sense of a calming nature, untouched like the image of the untouched scenery above. i also like the idea of it being clear perspex, that way it would show off the steel frame work which would normally be hidden tby the wood or white perspex. The steel which would be used for the frame work can be seen below aswel.

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