Thursday, 19 April 2012

Development work

Again working from my elegant movement images, ive come up with some flowing forms for a chair.

With this design the curvy body would be made from flexible wood and the legs out of a nice steel, there would be suppotting rods running between the legs to add stabillity.

This design is using one continuos flowing piece of material,possibly perspex as the main body of the seat, with the legs being a nice metal again with supporting rods running through the body of the chair. whilst designing this i looked into different ways in which the legs could connect to the seat. I liked the idea that the legs could run through the seat and be visible on top of the chair, adding a nice elegant feature to the chair especially if the materials used are wood for the seat and steel for the legs, a nice contrast of traditional, natural wood and the elegant shiny steel.


The next few designs i was thinking why does the chair have to have three legs, especially if the design has a flowing body which already hits the floor.

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