Friday, 6 April 2012

Development sketch work

Here i have taken an idea from my sketch work and developed it slightly by adding more details to my sketches.

through the development, i played around with the back of the chair by it possibly having a steel rod running through the whole chair, and the back rest being in segments, a little repetition thrown in there to add to the elegance of the chair.

The chair would be made from a resin which would be rounded in form, making it very elegant along with its sweeping, flowing shape. The resin could be clear making the steel rods visable, adding a nice feature to the chair, but i think an elegant colour would be much more effective here, possibly a white, with the rod in between the base and back rest being a nice steel.

This would be an option if the chair was a slightly different design, if instead of it being a soild base to the chair if could be two similar forms to the exsisting idea, but they act as legs, these would be a nice elegant white material, and the seat would either be the same material or a clear resin, which will show off the elegant features of the legs.

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