Monday, 9 April 2012

More development sketch work

These ideas have come from my initial skecth of the chair which is taken from the elegant shape of a wedding dress, elegant and very simple, the curves are taken from the original shapes which i discovered whilst looking at the movement photography of the dancers.

The base of the chair is similar to the base/train of the wedding dress, then the curve which creates the seat is taken from a few images of movement photography.

Here are few developements of the chair making it more comfortable and adding different features to it.

This idea is to emphasise the steel rods which run through the chair to give it some stability, by adding a gap and creating a head rest, it shows off the rods which is a nice little feature to the chair.

This idea is that the back rest has strips of padding all the way down it, the bigger areas being where most of the back of the user will make contact with the chair. these areas will be a cushin kind of material adding some comfort to the chair, making this chair very elegant and comfortable to sit on.

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