Thursday, 19 April 2012

More Designs

Working from the Initial research material, which was the movement photography, i have worked on a few designs, these designs are some of my favourites, ive worked on the main body of the chair being very curvy like most of the forms which i discovered in my research here are some of the designs and development.

This design is using the form which i really like for the main body, in this case it would be in clear perspex as it will show the framework of the chair very well and will set othe design off. this design simply has a main spine running through the middle of the chair which rests on the floor at the back and adds extra stabillity to the two legs which are on either side and are connected to the outside of the seat, with the spine it gives the impresion that the chair should be rocking, making it add to the movement aspect of the design.

With this design ive simply add two stainless steel legs which have a nice elegant curve to them, the body has been kept similar to the previous design as i really like the flowing form as i think it is a very elegant form. In the next design ive carried the leg along the shape of the chair, these legs would be screwed into the seat, with added metal rods running in between the legs. Ive added a few renders which ive done on rhino so i could show a little more detail of each design.

After doing this design i realised that it would be quite difficult to bend the wood in one whole piece of material. i would look very nice in perspex though, as you can see here.

But after considering the shape and the possibillity of bending the material whether it be wood or perspex, i decided to change the design slightly by slitting the main body into segment.

 By splitting the design into segments it makes it much easier to be manufactured whether it be wood or perspex, even though its been split up it still has a very nice elegant flow to it, and by adding a metal spine to the design gives it another feature which is flowing right through the middle of the design adding stabillity to the chair and holding the peices together. I even stripped it right back and took away a segment at the base of the chair, making it very simple and honest but still holing that flowing form from the previous designs.

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