Saturday, 28 April 2012

Final Design

 Here is my final design, it has got a very elegant side profile with continuos flowing forms throughout. it has a spine flowing through the centre of it which connects the back rest to the seat and the bottom panel.
 The legs slot nicely into the flowing curve of the body, they will be screwed into the seat.
 This is a nice image which shows of the flowing elegant curves through the design.

 The renders above show how there will be a slot cut out of the seat, back rest and bottom panel. the spine will simply slot into this area, holding all pieces in place, the will be glued into place.

 Here shows how two supportting rods will run accross he seat to add stability, making the seat much stronger. these rod will be welded to the legs and the spine.
This shows how the legs would simply be screwed to the seat.

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